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No BlackBerry OS 10 support
Date: 1-11-2013
By: Edwin
RSIC Survey and BlackBox will not support BlackBerry OS 10. RSIC will only support the Java based BlackBerry operating systems. New BlackBox version offers call registration function!
Date: 1-5-2012
By: Edwin
Version 3.40 of RSIC BlackBox was released this month and contains a new function to register incoming and outgoing phone calls and relate them to projects. This makes is easy to include calls in expense claims or invoices. Download BlackBox 3.40 from the BlackBox product page (under 'Software/BlackBox') to try it out for two weeks for free! RSIC Survey 3.30 released!
Date: 29-4-2011
By: Robert
Today marks the release of RSIC Survey version 3.30 with a number of interesting improvements, including support for smart tags. This new functionality allows insertion of the Email address of the end user, the PIN of the BlackBerry device or the current date in free text fields on the form. These smart tags, as well as a smart tag to insert the value of another field on the form, can also be inserted into the URL of the improved RSS Drop Down List field. This allows for the usage of end user specific RSS feeds and easy creation of simple applications. Please see the product pagie and the manual for more details! Survey version with Audio field released!
Date: 17-11-2010
By: Edwin
Starting today you can download the new RSIC Survey version (all editions) that supports the new Audio field. Using this new field, you can easily add audio fields to your digital forms to allow for easy recording of audio and the addition of this audio data to your form. This new field further increases the versatilty of RSIC Survey, allowing for even more applications! Click here for the product page with installation links. New RSIC Survey business cases online
Date: 16-4-2010
By: Robert
A new exclusive business case of RSIC Survey is available in English, Dutch and French. The business case has been endorsed by RIM and tells about the usage of RSIC Survey at the Belgian police. You can find the business case here:


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